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The Complete RED Survival Guide <body topmargin=0 leftmargin=0 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0> <table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 border=0><tr> <td valign="top" colspan=2 height=105 BGCOLOR="#66CCCC" TEXT="#080000" bgproperties="fixed" background="09900690ezvthe.gif"> <div> <B>The Complete RED Survival Guide </b></div> <bR> <div> </div> </td> </tr><tr> <td valign="top" width=200 BGCOLOR="#66CCCC" TEXT="#080000" bgproperties="fixed" background="09ac8212ezvthe.gif"> <div> THIS SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION! &nbsp;IT WILL CONTINUE TO CHANGE AS I RECIEVE SUGGESTIONS FROM PEOPLE! &nbsp;</div> </td> <td valign="top" height=375 BGCOLOR="#00CCCC" TEXT="#080000"> <div> <B>Welcome to the The Complete RED Survival Guide &nbsp;web site. The purpose of this site is to help you (or a loved one) survive the RED system. The overall purpose of this site is not intended for medical facts. &nbsp;It is </b><B>in</b><B>tended to be used as a helpful resource. </b><FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="#9933FF" FACE="Arial" ><B> </b></FONT><FONT SIZE="4" COLOR="#9933FF" FACE="Arial" ><B>If you don't know that RED is a medical &nbsp;acronym and not a color, you are probably not in the right place.</b></FONT><FONT SIZE="4" COLOR="#330099" FACE="Arial" ><B> </b></FONT><B> You can click on the links at the bottom of the page to view my other pages.</b></div> <div> <FONT SIZE="4" COLOR="#9933CC" FACE="Arial" ><B>I made this site for people (particularly kids and teens) that are going through this type of surgery/procedure.</b></FONT><FONT SIZE="4" COLOR="#9933CC" FACE="Arial" ><B> </b></FONT><B> I thought it might be helpful to hear from someone who's actually been there and done that, you know? &nbsp;We're always hearing from doctors, counselors, even parents about how to deal with all this stuff, but overall, it's the patients that have the full lowdown on how it goes! &nbsp;So feel free to browse my site</b><FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="#330099" FACE="Arial" ><B>.</b></FONT><B> &nbsp;This site will (hopefully) expand as I get emails from ya'll, since not everyone has the same experiences. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</b></div> <bR> <DIV ALIGN="LEFT"></DIV> <div> <B>Hey, finally got a guest book! &nbsp;PLEASE WRITE! &nbsp;</b></div> <div> <B>Information is not required for mail to be sent. </b></div> <bR> <div> <!-- Start Gem --> <form action="" method="POST" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded"><input type="hidden" name="tlx_SortOrder" value="Name,Email,City,State,Age,Comments"><input type="hidden" name="tlx_FormIndex" value="1"><input type="hidden" name="tlx_OKMessage" value="Thank you for your comments. Click the black arrow below to go back to the Homepage."><input type="hidden" name="tlx_SendMode" value="1"><input type="hidden" name="tlx_Subject" value="A comment form was submitted"><input type="hidden" name="tlx_EmailTo" value=""> <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="1" border="0" align="center"> <tr> <td align="left">Name:<br> <input type="text" name="Name" size="30" maxlength="999"></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="left">Email:<br> <input type="text" name="Email" size="30" maxlength="100"></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="left">City:<br> <input type="text" name="City" size="30" maxlength="100"></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="left">State:<br> <input type="text" name="State" size="30" maxlength="100"></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="left">Age:<br> <input type="text" name="Age" size="10" maxlength="10"></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="left">Comments:<br> <textarea name="Comments" rows="5" cols="30"></textarea></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="right"><input type="reset"> <input type="submit" value="Send" name="tlx_send"></td> </tr> </table> </form> <!-- End Gem --> </div> <bR> <div> Your information is not automatically posted on this site. &nbsp;It is emailed to me and I will post it at my discretion.</div> <bR> <div> <a href="id26.htm" target="_top" title="About the RED System"><font color="black"><U>About the RED System</U></font></a> &nbsp;&nbsp;| &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="id18.htm" target="_top" title="Basic Tips"><font color="black"><U>Basic Tips</U></font></a> &nbsp;&nbsp;| &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="id21.htm" target="_top" title="Food and Diet"><font color="black"><U>Food and Diet</U></font></a> &nbsp;&nbsp;| &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="id22.htm" target="_top" title="Making a Fashion Statement"><font color="black"><U>Making a Fashion Statement</U></font></a> &nbsp;&nbsp;| &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="id23.htm" target="_top" title="Parents Page"><font color="black"><U>Parent's Page</U></font></a> &nbsp;&nbsp;| &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="id41.htm" target="_top" title="EXPERIENCES"><font color="black"><U>EXPERIENCES</U></font></a> &nbsp;&nbsp;| &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="id39.htm" target="_top" title="My Email Diary"><font color="black"><U>My Email Diary</U></font></a> &nbsp;&nbsp;| &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="id32.htm" target="_top" title="Other Stuff"><font color="black"><U>Other Stuff</U></font></a> &nbsp;&nbsp;| &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="id42.htm" target="_top" title="Disclaimer"><font color="black"><U>Disclaimer</U></font></a> &nbsp;&nbsp;<FONT SIZE="4" COLOR="#330099" FACE="Arial" ><a href="id32.htm" target="_top" title="Other Stuff"><font color="black"><U>OTHER STUFF</U></font></a></FONT><FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="#000000" FACE="Arial" > </FONT></div> <bR> <div> LAST UPDATED: 6-14-02</div> <div> 6-10-02</div> <div> 6-9-02 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</div> <div> 6-8-02</div> <div> <FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="#000000" FACE="Arial" >&copy;</FONT> <I>2002 </I></div> </td> </tr></table></body>

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