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Making a Fashion Statement

With the RED on, it's pretty much bye-bye turtle necks and tight tees (not that you'll actually miss those things). Here are some ideas.

Buy some real cheap spaghetti-strap tank tops.  Get the kind where the straps are way too long (this makes it easier to put on).  Slip it over your head and RED (careful!).  Because the straps are too long, it's probably too low.  So now, take the extra strap length on your shoulder and tie it up.  It makes a cute decorative knot on each shoulder.  
You can also get cheap, cool button-ups at store outlets, secondhand stores, and cheaper department stores/

I'm sorry, but I'm not a guy.  I'm only guessing that maybe those button-up Hawaiian shirts and button-up polos would work you guys seem to wear alot.  I know that some guys like to wear the really big, long tank tops (or should I say sleeveless) shirts, which would also work.  

ATTENTION GUYS: as you can read, I'm not a fashion expert when it comes to your species, so if you've got tips, please share them! Sisters, you've got voices too, so please send in your tips!