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The Complete RED Survival Guide

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It's interesting that the dreaded operation part is the part that we stress over the most, but then it comes, you go to sleep, then you wake up!  I know, I know, the last few minutes right before an operation can be panicky.  You're mom is crying, you're now crying, the nurse is trying to find a vein to put the IV in, you're hungry, random people walk around with blue masks as if they're trying to hide their identity, and that awful hospital gown you have to wear is a humiliating piece of cloth that does not sheild the coldness of the room at all!  I know it's tough.  The good thing is that this part only lasts a little while.  Just trust God, He'll take care of everything, don't worry.  Before you know it, you'll wake up! 

Parents: Stay close by, but don't worry too much. Stay near a phone, because they may give you hourly updates.  Try to occupy your mind a bit by doing something, (my friend's mom made sushi while her daughter had the RED surgery). Take comfort in the fact that God is in the operating room with your baby.

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