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RED makes it impossible to wear anything that requires squeezing your head through (tight tees, turtle necks, etc) so...


Buy some real cheap spaghetti-strap tank tops. Get the kind where the straps are way too long (this makes it easier to put on). Slip it over your head and RED (careful!). Then take the extra strap length on your shoulder and tie it up. It makes a decorative knot on each shoulder.

You can also get cheap, cool button-ups at store outlets, secondhand stores, and cheap department stores.  Now that button-up shirts are more popular, they shouldn't be too hard to find.

Another idea is to use the new shirts that have a criss-crossing V neck at the front.  These shirts have become popular since I've had RED, so I don't know how well they slip over the RED.  However, they did work after my recent surgery this August when I had the large turban like bandage that we are all too familiar with.  Please let me know if these work or not.


Sorry boys, but I'm not a guy, so my best and only suggestion is to wear normal button-down shirts.  Since these seem to be pretty standard wardrobe occupants for most guys, I would hope that clothing would not be too big of an issue.   

More suggestions?  Please contribute!