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I am not a doctor. So therefore, I am not stocked with doctorly intelligence. This site is not a medical site, it is only intended to help and support the people going through the RED procedure. If any part of this website contains false information, please contact me.  Never take my advice over that of a qualified specialist. I am not responsible for any unfortunate occurances that happen because of this website (so, for example, if you are just so blown away by the graphics that you fall out of your chair and dislocate your hip, it is not my fault).

Anytime you send me anything whether it be images or text, you are automatically giving me permission to use it in any way that I want unless you explicitly tell me otherwise.

While I am currently a college student, this site was initially created at age 13, when I lacked eloquent writing skills.  A lot of the material you read has not been significantly altered since then (if at all).  Please blame anything that you don't like on my youth :)