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Clicking on the links below will display these educational sites in another browser window

The Sears family runs this unofficial online headquarters for "craniofacial families."  Their daughter has Apert Syndrome and they've created this site to provide community and support.

This site provides information and support for people and their families with cleft lip and/or palate.
This is the organization aims to help craniofacial families with financial, medical, other needs.  Every year, a family retreat is held by CCA and sponsored largely by Cher, who also helps CCA to publicize craniofacial needs.  They also provide a monthly newsletter.
FACES provides financial aid for transportation/housing for families during surgeries and medical things.  They also provide support and publicity for craniofacial needs.  You can sign up for their free newsletter on the "Contact FACES" page.
AboutFace provides support and education to families affected by facial abnormalities.
This is RED manufacturer's website
Good news!  KLS Martin has finally made their page a little friendlier (before, websurfers were greeted by a skeleton modeling the RED; terrible marketing...the scare factor is not normally a genius advertising technique).  Still, my original warning still stands: just about every single word on the page is WRONG (anyone who uses the words "pain free" in conjunction with mid-face surgery is either incredibly ignorant or is trying to sell a product...).  Be prepared to have a good laugh or simply ignore it.  Please email me if you have any questions about their answers.